Steve Radez

Managing Member


Steve Radez founded Essex Radez and became a member of the CBOE in 1977. After graduating with a bachelor’s in Mathematics from Purdue University in 1966, he was a systems engineer with IBM in Chicago. He then moved into the securities field as an account executive with Merrill Lynch and several other securities firms.


Throughout his career, Steve concentrated primarily on electronic trading, even before it was fashionable. Early on, he found it difficult to stand in a pit and wait for order flow. Most of his involvement was on the retail side of the market. As early as 1980, Steve was able to electronically originate and route orders with a total black-box order generation and portfolio management system. Not until more recently has the wholesale end of the business become electronic, although it is still a long way from total electronic capabilities in most markets.


Currently, Steve is working to improve trading performance on both the wholesale and retail sides of the marketplace. He believes the future of trading, both retail and wholesale, will be totally electronic.



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