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Founded in 1977 as a market making member of the CBOE, Essex Radez is recognized as a leading provider of algorithmic trading technology and trading services. Unlike technology-only firms, Essex Radez is a broker-dealer, an active member of leading securities exchanges throughout North America, and a user of the technology we create.


Our long tenure in the industry, combined with the use of cutting-edge technology, has resulted in focused, efficient and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Why is Essex Radez better than others?

While others provide partial solutions to the demands of algorithmic and programmatic trading, Essex Radez provides a complete technical infrastructure of “best in class” solutions. This infrastructure is characterized by:

  • Use of only the best components and services. From hardened data centers operated by Equinix, to redundant SFTI, Savvis, and BT Radianz extranet connections, to the latest in HP server and Cisco network hardware, Essex Radez is committed to quality.

  • Open source programming based on industry standards to insure reduced development time, reduced operating cost, and a solution that either of us can easily customize to meet your unique requirements.

  • Tested interoperability between services so that you can focus on trading without having to piece together a range of technologies and software from multiple vendors.

  • Comprehensive 24/7 support from people in the business of trading

  • Access to complete information received directly from the source – no conflation of data, no predetermination of what is relevant in real-time or historical data collection, no preprocessing in a consolidators system

  • Access to global execution links to ensure immediate access to markets

Moreover, Essex Radez is committed to insuring that you have access to this complete trading infrastructure at a highly affordable price.


Who do we serve?

As a wholesaler of unique professional trading tools and services, we serve professional trading firms and large independent professional traders. Our customers are proprietary broker/dealer firms, broker/dealer retail firms and hedge funds.


The Essex Radez Team



Steve Radez - Managing Member

Nick Radez - Managing Director



Bill Radez - Risk Control Manager



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